Healing Trauma and Post-Traumatic Growth - with Katie Asmus, a nature based somatic psychotherapist

In this episode, we talk to  Katie Asmus at Namaste Healing Arts. Katie practices as a somatic, nature-based and adventure psychotherapist, life coach, educator, mentor, quest guide and workshop facilitator. Katie focused her graduate thesis on body-centered interventions for working with trauma and she's presented internationally in these fields of study for the past 18 years…

The Intersection of Functional Medicine and Shamanism - A Conversation with Tracy Shulsinger, Holistic Nurse Practitioner

Tracy Shulsinger is a Holistic Nurse Practitioner and Shamanic Healer practicing at The Healing Collective in Boulder, CO.  After exploring how and why Tracy came to practice medicine, we dive into what  Functional Medicine, the evolution of traditional Western medicine, is. Then we pivot and explore her practices as a Shamanic Healer and discuss how Western medicine and Shamanic healing  can coexist and even work together.

Becoming Who We Truly Are - Interview with Reuvain Bacal

In this interview with Reuvain Bacal, a transformational coach who helps highly motivated men and couples, we explore what it means to live from who we truly are. Reuvain helps people become more aware of how their showing up and what habitual patterns may be holding them back. He also facilitates the practice of letting go these conditioned behaviors and embracing the authentic self. I've worked with him personally and I believe this is an inspiring conversation full of rich moments that can help all of us on the path of life.

09: You Can Heal - Eating for Optimal Health - Interview with Conscious Cleanse Co-Founder Jo Schaalman

  • How and why Jo co-created the Conscious Cleanse (hint: it involves a radical turn of events due to a major bike-car accident).

  • In the inspiring story of how Jo was able to challenge the medical paradigm to overcome a diagnosis of long-term disability and the role that yoga and nutritional therapy played in her recovery.

  • “You can Heal”

  • Why diets didn’t work for Jo and what she learned from trying one after the next and why weight loss was not the primary answer to her recovery (hint: inflammation plays a primary role).

  • Love your body. Food is not the enemy, food can be medicine.

  • Why it’s more important to focus on what you can do rather than what you can’t do when working to improve your health.

  • How Jo reduced her pain from 9/10 to 5/10 in two weeks by shifting how she eats.

  • The importance of Wisdom and the power of the mind in the healing process.

“Everytime I found someone that said, “I believe you can heal,” I said, “You’re on my team.”
  • How the Conscious Cleanse was designed with a universal message to apply to different people with different body types, lifestyles, and dietary preferences.

  • “Vegetable are the center of your universe” - “Dark Leafy Greens are an inflammation powerhouse, the more dark leafy greens you get the better you’ll feel.”

  • Fresh local foods taste better.

  • The Conscious cleanse isn’t really a cleanse, it’s about getting back to basics and eating a healthy whole foods diet.

  • It’s important to feel empowered to choose what you eat - that’s how this is different from a diet, you can choose what and how you eat.

  • It’s important to be in community and have support when we’re shifting our lifestyle or diet and working to create new habits and positive behaviors - this is built into the Conscious Cleanse in a really great way.

  • We discuss the Chinese medical concept of digestion and how that informs when and when not to eat raw or cooked foods.

  • If you'd like to enroll in the upcoming April 11th cohort of the cleanse you can use the coupon code: NOAH25 to get $25 dollars off.

08: Grief as a Catalyst - Interview with Wendy Stern, Founder of the Grief Support Network

In this episode we talk with Wendy Stern, the founder of the Grief Support Network in Boulder, CO.

We discuss:

  • The beautiful and inspiring story of what the Grief Support Network is and why Wendy created it?
  • The importance of culture and how people relate to people who are grieving in the healing process.
  • The Role of mindfulness in experiencing and moving through grief.
  • How grief can lead to an Identity shift
  • The role Pheonix Rising Yoga founded by Michael Lee played in developing programming for the Grief Support Network
  • The importance of being in community with others who are going through the same experience and a safe space where you’re allowed to show up authentically
  • The importance of being with oneself and processing the grief within oneself as an individual
  • The Art of listening - how to listen to oneself and others, connect and be in community
  • The importance of Rituals
  • Why Yoga was essential to Wendy’s ability to move through grief. And What it is about Yoga that is so helpful. (Hint: It brings together the physical, emotional, and spiritual).
  • The role meditation and journaling can play in working through grief.
  • The resistance that can come up working through grief.
  • The importance of being witnessed in your process.

07: Mindfulness and Meditation - Interview with Ben Gaibel, LCSW

  • Learn about Ben Gaibel's personal journey in becoming a social worker and therapist.
  • Why moving towards life’s challenges and uncomfortable elements are an essential part of healing and growth and how facing challenges doesn’t have to be scary or depressing.

  • How and why meditation and mindfulness are a part of the mental health work that Ben does.
  • Learn about Jon Kabat Zinn and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)

06 - The connection between sex, intimacy, and vulnerability - Interview with Daniel Lebowitz from the Intimacy Institute (Part 2)

In Part 2 of this great interview Daniel and I continue to explore themes around vulnerability, intimacy and connection.

We discuss:

  • Why it's important to be able to both "take the driver seat or the passenger seat" in bed and how a couple can explore both roles.
  • How boundaries are essential for healthy vulnerability.
  • How to identify your "intimacy threshold" and grow beyond it and why it's important to have access to multiple types of intimacy.
  • How Daniel is modeling manhood, fatherhood, and intimacy for his two sons.
  • The role intention plays in creating intimacy.
  • We finish the interview with some great practical advice from Daniel about how to improve your relationships.

05 - The connection between sex, intimacy, and vulnerability - Interview with Daniel Leibowtiz from the Intimacy Institute (Part 1)

In this potent conversation, Daniel and I transcend taboos to explore the territory of intimacy and vulnerability. We learn about what Daniel does as a sex therapist and he shares insights, useful advice, and tips around how we can improve our relationships and sexual connections.

04: Red Earth Herbal Gathering - Interview with Astrid Grove and Leela Whitcomb-Hewitt

Astrid and Leela are two special woman who have co-created The Red Earth Herbal Gathering - a safe and sacred space to grow community centered around honoring the feminine and the divine. This two day transformative event happening August 19-20 on Pachamama Farm will be offering powerful workshops about plant-medicine and womanhood. 

Listen to our discussion to tap into the life-nurturing impulse behind this event, learn about other community events, and take away some inspiration. Join the movement of human beings promoting peace and nourishing life.

3: The Sacred Birth - Interview with Dakota Hindman, doula and ceremonialist with Matrescence Doula Services

3: The Sacred Birth - Interview with Dakota Hindman, doula and ceremonialist with Matrescence Doula Services

This is a great interview with Dakota Hindman, a doula and ceremonialist. It was a lot of fun to connect with Dakota. I enjoyed hearing her thoughts on supporting families while they birth and appreciated the inclusion of ceremony and sanctity in the transformative process. We discussed some of the cultural shifts we’d like to see occur and how the current culture impacts the experience for a lot of people.

E2: The Essence of Birth - Interview with Lo Kawulok and Nichole Didelot of the Community Roots Midwifery Collective

In this episode we explore the midwifery model of birth. We talk with two midwives from the Community Roots Midwife Collective in Longmont, Colorado. All of us were birthed onto this planet by our mothers one way or another. It is a powerful and sacred event the carries a lot of significance for the family. There are many ways of approaching birth, and as a culture, here in the US, we tend to see it as a medical event that belongs in a hospital rather than a natural event that can happen in our homes. Most of us are incredibly lucky to be living in a place and an era where adequate health care options are available and where birth, which can involve life or death situations, can be supported by medical help if and when needed. Birth is a miraculous undertaking for the human body regardless of where it takes place. Every family has to make the decision of how they want and are able to bring new life into the world. Birth is the last place we want to be bringing shame or guilt and I think it’s incredibly important, that we treat everyone else’s choice with dignity and respect. 

E1: Discovering Ourselves - Interview with Rachael Brody

We are excited to announce the Heartseed Health Podcast! This podcast is part of an endeavor to promote more connectivity and awareness throughout our community about beautiful health-inspiring events, people, projects, and organizations. You can think of it as a local holistic health focused radio show. It is a mixture of interviews and “resource episodes” that include guided meditations and educational information on different topics