Counseling with Rachael Brody                      MA, R-DMT, LPCC

Counseling with Rachael Brody                      MA, R-DMT, LPCC

Acupuncture and Counseling in Boulder, CO

Nurture the seeds of health

If you are experiencing physical or emotional pain, going through a major life transition, or challenged by an internal health imbalance, we can help.

 Acupuncture with Noah Goldstein, L.Ac.

Acupuncture with Noah Goldstein, L.Ac.




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Each of us is born with a treasure, in essence, the seed of quiescent potential, waiting for safekeeping in the center of our being. This treasure, this personal quality, power, talent, or gift (or set of such qualities) is ours to develop, and embody, and offer to our communities through acts of service — our countributions to a more diverse, vital, and evolved world. Our personal destiny to is to become that treasure through out actions”
— Bill Plotkin - "Soulcraft"