Thank You Spring, for Your Light

I’m moving quickly down the wet trail. My heart is beating fast, my body pumping the cool air in and out my lungs, my feet shuffling to avoid rocks and roots. I occasionally turn my head back to check on Maple, our sweet dog. She used to run ahead of me, but now, as she ages, lingers behind. I’m wearing a thin long sleeve shirt and shorts. Spring has arrived! 


In a certain way, it feels sudden. The days are noticeably longer and everyone seems to feel more energized. People are talking about spring break, and summer plans, and gardening. There’s an excitement in the air.

But the reality is, this pivot into spring has been building steadily over the days and weeks since late December. Each day an incremental change has been at play. A few extra minutes of daylight every day add up over the weeks.

We see this same effect at work in our Heartseed office; a watershed moment when it’s clear that something has changed seems to come suddenly. This can show up as somebody who comes in describing how they responded to a difficult situation with grace, or navigated conflict with their partner in a way that felt heartful and loving. Sometimes they’re totally aware that this is a significant shift from old patterns, but other times, because these changes have been slow and gradual, we have to point out that maybe something new is happening. (I’ll often ask if they think they would have responded to this same situation in the same way 6-12 months ago. It’s amazing to watch their faces light up as they reflect on the changes).

    Life is funny in this way. “All of the sudden” our little baby is 4.5 years old and a big sister. Yes, we live day by day, but there’s this sense that it all occurs in the blink of an eye. Unfortunately, this strange way of perceiving life sometimes skews how we spend our time and where we invest our energy. It’s easy to avoid things that seem “too big” or “too difficult,” not because we can’t do the incremental work required, but because it’s hard (in the moment) to see that it takes small incremental steps to reach the end result.

There are many reasons people shy away from doing the internal and relational work that grant us more freedom, strength, and joy in life. People are afraid of change and unsure about how to do it. It seems like too big a task. And, it involves moving into unfamiliar and sometimes uncomfortable territory. But none of us have to do this alone (none of can do this alone, even if we try). And yet, when we heal ourselves, we’re able to align with our purpose and cultivate stronger partnerships, families, and communities. We all want that. And it’s worth effort.

Everyday counts. But you don’t have to do it all in one day.  

That run I described was a 3 mile run, a far cry from the 13.1 miles I plan to run this summer (that’s a half-marathon for anyone confused by the strangely precise number). Most of my runs this time of year are 2 miles. I don’t want to miss the precious morning time with the kiddos. Incremental steps. Slow and steady growth. Little changes.

Now is an excellent time to leverage the expansive and growthful energy of the spring to make the shifts you need. If you feel at all intimidated, remember that life happens one moment at a time and that heart-centered, body-based, relational processes happen one week at time.

And while we may not notice each day becoming brighter, we know that with time, we see big shifts.

Comfort Zones


I saw this in my Grandfather’s apartment this past weekend and it caught my eye. At first, because of its nostalgic elegance, but then because of the word “comfort”  - here defined as a narrow range at the intersection of temperature and humidity. Comfort is important, heck my name Noah, can be translated as comfort or comfortable. But there are two essential truths about comfort that can change our lives: 

1- Growth and learning rarely happen when we’re within our comfort zone. 

2- As we grow, our comfort zone grows. 

One of the most profound things I find in therapeutic relationships is that they allow us to feel safe while we step out of our comfort zones. I believe acupuncture has the power to further enhance this quality. 

If you’re looking to grow, or even just to get unstuck, chances are you may have to step out of your comfort zone. It’s nice to know that someone has your back while you’re doing that. We can have your back. 

Why Seeing Depression as a Symptom Could Change Everything

Etched into my mind with painful clarity is the window of my college dorm room, seven stories high, with a stark view of the street below. That street could have been my escape. Isolation and claustrophobia had pulled me into a conversation with death during a rough depressive episode and I wanted to escape the pain so desperately that I considered everything, including ending my life…..

Fighting Cancer and Restoring Health - Support for Cancer Treatments in Boulder, CO

My mom became a breast cancer survivor 17 years ago. Knowing that both of her maternal grandmothers fought the disease and after watching her own mother battle with breast cancer, my mom decided to do a prophylactic mastectomy (long before Angelina Jolie). The doctors were hesitant, and wanted to do a mammogram, which led to a biopsy and the discovery of very early stage breast cancer. She was extremely lucky, as was our entire family because my mom is an incredible person who shares so much love and fun and food with all those around her! I am incredibly grateful for her foresight and courage and know not everyone is as fortunate. Because of my personal experience, the opportunity to support others who are going through cancer treatment as a healthcare practitioner is particularly meaningful. 

Beating Colorado’s Cold and Flu Season with Acupuncture and Natural Medicine

I fell in love with my wife for the first time before we were even dating when she took care of me while I was sick. It was a cold wet day in Brooklyn, and she came over with hot chicken soup, comforted me, and made me lots of tea while we watched a movie together. Her nurturing care soothed my aches and melted my heart. I got better quickly. Over the course of the next couple years it became evident my immune system wasn’t as strong as it should be. Winter after winter I would get colds and coughs while others glided through the season uscathed. Fortuitously, I had just begun acupuncture school where I was learning how to take care of myself and build up my immune system and improve my vitality in new ways. Acupuncture and herbal medicine have uniquely powerful immune boosting capabilities that work preventatively to help you avoid getting sick or hasten recovery during cold season whether you live in Boulder or in Shanghai.

How Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine Can Help You Achieve Your 2018 Wellness Goals

Setting goals is crucial to achieve what we desire and ensures we offer our gifts to the world. Sing, code software, teach children, advise, knit, garden, write, operate, or parent.  Whatever your gift, share it! Creating goals helps us stay on track and continuously find ways to create and give. When life presents us with obstacles and challenges, it is important to have emotional and physical supports in place.  When in pain, we are quicker to snap, have interrupted sleep, and have restrictions in our social and work life; our energy wanes. Tools exist to renew and inspire us back to vitality. Acupuncture and herbs are powerful medicine, rooted in spirit and grounded in science. I share in clients’ joy when they reach optimal health and accomplish their goals.

Boulder Acupuncturist Explains: How to Treat Anxiety the Natural Way

As an acupuncturist in Boulder, CO specializing in mental health I work with a lot of people managing anxiety. No two cases of anxiety are the same. Because my approach to treating illness is holistic, I focus on the unique needs of each individual. Also, acupuncture inherently works towards resolving the underlying issues causing the symptoms a person is facing, rather than just alleviating the symptoms and therefore requires a personal approach.

Boulder, CO Acupuncturist Encourages Us to Feel the Strength in Your DNA

One of the most powerful tools we have when dealing with stress or pain, anxiety or depression, is our mind-body connection.

In the video below, I invite you to utilize your mind-body connection to tap into the strength inherent in your DNA. By remembering that we’ve descended from thousands of years of human being who have faced unimaginable challenges we can tap into their strength which lives on today in us.