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1076 Grant Place
Boulder, CO, 80302
United States


Heartseed Health in Boulder, CO is an acupuncture and counseling practice offering holistic and integrative care. We can support you with medicine grounded in spirit and rooted in science.



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When Wind and Fire Take You for a Ride

Dr. Noah K. Goldstein, DACM L.Ac.

his is the third in a series exploring Self-Regulation: Read Part 1 and Part 2 on the blog.

How to Find Calm Amidst Wind & Fire of Emotions

If you’ve read the articles or anxiety or depression, you’ve started to catch on to the fact that Chinese medicine works with “Patterns of Disharmony” - we treat the pattern, rather than the symptom.

When it comes to pyschoemotional disregulation, aka “losing your sh*t”, there are a number of different possible patterns at play. For a practitioner, identifying the pattern is essential for treatment. I’ve found that understanding what’s going on can also be useful for many of the people I work with. So I’m going to share a little about some of the common patterns that are involved in emotional turmoil.

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Beating Colorado’s Cold and Flu Season with Acupuncture and Natural Medicine

Dr. Noah K. Goldstein, DACM L.Ac.

I fell in love with my wife for the first time before we were even dating when she took care of me while I was sick. It was a cold wet day in Brooklyn, and she came over with hot chicken soup, comforted me, and made me lots of tea while we watched a movie together. Her nurturing care soothed my aches and melted my heart. I got better quickly. Over the course of the next couple years it became evident my immune system wasn’t as strong as it should be. Winter after winter I would get colds and coughs while others glided through the season uscathed. Fortuitously, I had just begun acupuncture school where I was learning how to take care of myself and build up my immune system and improve my vitality in new ways. Acupuncture and herbal medicine have uniquely powerful immune boosting capabilities that work preventatively to help you avoid getting sick or hasten recovery during cold season whether you live in Boulder or in Shanghai.

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Boulder Acupuncturist Explains: How to Treat Anxiety the Natural Way

Dr. Noah K. Goldstein, DACM L.Ac.

As an acupuncturist in Boulder, CO specializing in mental health I work with a lot of people managing anxiety. No two cases of anxiety are the same. Because my approach to treating illness is holistic, I focus on the unique needs of each individual. Also, acupuncture inherently works towards resolving the underlying issues causing the symptoms a person is facing, rather than just alleviating the symptoms and therefore requires a personal approach.

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Can Acupuncture Treat....?

Dr. Noah K. Goldstein, DACM L.Ac.

“Can Acupuncture treat <______>?,”

is a question I hear and answer a lot. Many people are surprised to hear that acupuncture is part of a complete system of medicine with the ability to diagnose and treat almost any malady or disease. It may sound too good to be true, however given over 365 acupuncture points which work with all of the different organ systems including the nervous system, the immune system, and the musculoskeletal system, it’s not that surprising. Fortunately, there is a growing body of research and evidence to support these claims.

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