Your Ever Renewing Vitality - Marrow

The human body is a truly awesome thing. I mean if you take a moment to think about your body’s complexity and elegance, it evokes awe.

Taking time daily to feel and pay attention to our bodies, and expressing gratitude for how amazing it is uplifting and good for you and your health.

It can be easy to take for granted how well our bodies function or to feel disgruntled about aspects of our bodies that we don’t appreciate.

In this video we take a moment to visualize and feel into our bodies to improve our health and vitality. Here we explore the marrow. Within the strong and stable bones is an ever renewing source of life: our marrow - stems cells that keep producing more blood to move oxygen and nutrients.

If you would like to learn more about how to awaken your personal vitality for optimal health. Please get in touch.

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