Boulder, CO Acupuncturist Encourages Us to Feel the Strength in Your DNA

Boulder, CO

Life is challenging and always had been. We live in an era of abundance and ease, and yet we confront difficult situations daily. At times we may glide through life with focus, ease and grace, but we all encounter scenarios that push us to (and sometimes beyond) our current limits.

Finding inner strength while navigating those more difficult time is essential (as is connecting with external resources: friends, family, therapists, etc).

One of the most powerful tools we have when dealing with stress or pain, anxiety or depression, is our mind-body connection.

In the video below, I invite you to utilize your mind-body connection to tap into the strength inherent in your DNA. By remembering that we’ve descended from thousands of years of human being who have faced unimaginable challenges we can tap into their strength which lives on today in us.  

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