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1076 Grant Place
Boulder, CO, 80302
United States


Heartseed Health in Boulder, CO is an acupuncture and counseling practice offering holistic and integrative care. We can support you with medicine grounded in spirit and rooted in science.


You are here. Welcome.

Our offerings help people become more aware of the body and mind to find resolution to patterns that hold us back in life. Together, let’s transform pain and suffering into insight and wisdom.


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Balancing ancestral wisdom and modern insights, acupuncture and herbal medicine can elicit health. One of the core tenants is “Where there is no flow, there is pain. Where there is pain, there is no flow.” Pain can be physical (headaches, musculoskeletal, digestive, menstrual, etc) or emotional (anxiety, depression, stress). The concept of flow applies to the biophysical (blood flow, flow in the nervous, digestive, and hormonal systems) and to the energetic (qi) and emotional.

Acupuncture is able to treat a wide variety of health issues. Noah excels supporting individuals with the following issues.

  • Psycho-emotional Health - Acupuncture is unique in its ability to support the body in dealing with stress, anxiety and depression. Thanks to its ability to release endorphins, acupuncture helps support psycho-emotional imbalances as well as typical day-to-day stress of life.

  • Pain - Acupuncture excels at pain relief while working to heal the underlying cause by decreasing inflammation and promoting blood flow to injured areas. Noah utilizes techniques that work locally and systemically to alleviate pain whether it’s post-op, an athletic injury, or the result of picking up your kid too much.

  • Digestive Health - Acupuncture excels at healing the gut by reducing the stress load of the body and bringing the nervous and hormonal systems into better balance. Whether you are suffering from IBS, Crohns Disease, Colitis, SIBO, or an undiagnosed but life-altering digestive issue, acupuncture can help support your system.

  • Reproductive and Hormonal Health - Acupuncture is effective at treating a vast array of hormonal based issues. For women Acupuncture can help manage gynecological imbalances, from painful periods to PCOS to challenges with fertility or menopause. Men figuring out fertility issues or sexual dysfunctions can benefit from acupuncture. Adrenal Fatigue is another disease effectively treated with acupuncture and herbal therapies.

  • Pediatric Care - believe it or not, children from infants to teens respond incredible well to shonishin (an acupuncture technique that doesn't require needles). Whether teething and trouble sleeping in infants, reoccurring ear-infections in a toddler, or chronic coughs, asthma, or poor immune system, in young children, Chinese Medicine has some unique tools and ways of bringing children back to health.

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