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1076 Grant Place
Boulder, CO, 80302
United States


Heartseed Health in Boulder, CO is an acupuncture and counseling practice offering holistic and integrative care. We can support you with medicine grounded in spirit and rooted in science.



Psychoeducational Resources

Heartseed Guide to Emotional Resilience

Somatics and Psychological Theory

  • Body-Mind Psychotherapy by Susan Aposhyan 

  • Natural Intelligence by Susan Aposhyan

  • The Power of Focusing by Ann Cornell 

  • Getting in Touch by Christine Caldwell 

  • Smart Moves by Carla Hannaford

  • Maps to Ecstasy by Gabrielle Roth 

  • Sweat Your Prayers by Gabrielle Roth

  • Authentic Movement by Andrea Pallaro

  • Attachment in Psychotherapy by W. J. Wallin 

Trauma, Shock, Resourcing

  • Waking the Tiger by Peter Levine 

  • In an Unspoken Voice by Peter Levine 

  • Healing Trauma by Peter Levine 

  • We Are All In Shock by Stephanie Mines 

  • Trauma and the Body by Pat Ogden 


  • The Polyvagal Theory by Steven Porges 

  • Molecules of Emotion by Candace Pert 

  • Mindsight by Daniel Seigel 

Soul Development, Ritual, and Rites of Passage 

  • Soulcraft: Crossing into the Mysteries of Nature and Psyche by Bill Plotkin

  • Nature and the Human Soul: Cultivating Wholeness and Community in a Fragmented World by Bill Plotkin

  • Women Who Run With The Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes

  • The Smell of Rain on Dust: Grief and Praise by Martin Prechtel

  • Ritual: Power, Healing and Community by Malidoma Patrice Somé

  • Meeting the Shadow by Zweig and Abrams