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Heartseed Health in Boulder, CO is an acupuncture and counseling practice offering holistic and integrative care. We can support you with medicine grounded in spirit and rooted in science.


Spring is Sexy

Dr. Noah K. Goldstein, DACM L.Ac.

Beginning the important conversation on Intimacy and Vulnerability.

The excitement of the spring isn’t just in our heads. It’s in our bodies and in our loins. The bright warm sun beaming down paired with the fecundity of wet earth, give rise to flowers galore. Flowers, in case you’d forgotten, are the beautiful sex organs of the plant world. Their beauty delights us, and we, oh so joyfully stick our faces into them to take in their scent (at least the children still do!). Awakening our senses to life.


No need to be shy about this. Sex is not only a pinacle of pleasure, but also the pinacle of nature’s creativity. The ability to fuse two separate beings into a new one is the foundation of evolution. And of course, none of us would be here without evolution, or without sex.

In sex and passion there is power; an intoxicating power that can create life and ruin life. I believe that when we are in contact with our own vulnerability and humanness we will most likely engage with the world from a place of respect and love. The trouble is that we aren’t really taught how to do this in our modern day culture. If anything, much of the modeling we see in the media sends people in the opposite direction. We’re seeing the consequences of our collective failure to facilitate maturation and initiation in our young men and women daily. And we’re angry and full of grief.

There’s no better time to explore how to cultivate maturity and dialogue about vulnerability then now. Especially when now is the season of the reawakening of our libido. This conversation requires a body-based and heart-centered approach and calls on us to cultivate stronger partnerships, families, and communities. Let’s explore what that means.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing an in depth exploration of vulnerability, what we believe to be a cornerstone of intimacy and hence respectful love and lovemaking.

For now, we invite you to share your thoughts, feelings, and experiences on this topic with us, so we can better understand what perspectives, desires, and needs our community is holding here. Maybe we need to gather, maybe we need to talk, maybe we just need more dancing… Let us know what your heart holds.

In the meantime, a reminder that on Saturday, May 18th 2:00-3:30, Rachael and Livia Cohen-Shapiro will be leading a Mama’s Movement Dance at the Boulder Circus Center.

With Love, Respect, and Care,

Noah and Rachael