Acupuncture is able to treat a wide variety of health issues and Noah has developed a few unique strengths:

  • Mental Health - acupuncture is tremendously powerful at treating anxiety and depression. Thanks to its ability to release endorphins, acupuncture is ideal for people working through psychoemotional imbalances or people managing the typical day-to-day stress of life. 
  • Pain - acupuncture excels at pain relief while working to heal the underlying cause by decreasing inflammation and promoting blood flow to injured areas.

  • Digestive Health - acupuncture is incredible at helping to heal the gut. Whether you are suffering from IBS, Crohns, colitis, SIBO, or an undiagnosed but life-altering digestive issues acupuncture can help.

  • Reproductive and Hormonal Health - acupuncture is effective at treating a vast array of hormonal based issues. For women acupuncture can help manage gynecological imbalances, from painful periods to PCOS to challenges with fertility or menopause. Men figuring out fertility issues or sexual dysfunctions can benefit from acupuncture. Adrenal Fatigue is another dis-ease effectively treated with acupuncture and herbal therapies.

  • Pediatrics - believe it or not, children from infants to teens respond incredible well to shonishin (an acupuncture technique that doesn't require needles). Whether teething and trouble sleeping in infants, reoccuring ear-infections in a toddler, or chronic coughs, asthma, or poor immune system, in young children, Chinese Medicine has some unique tools and ways of bringing children back to health.



As a somatic psychotherapist with experience and training in body-centered practices, mindfulness, trauma, &  ritual, Rachael hopes to support you in coming into deeper connection with your wholeness- mind, body, and soul. 

Rachael works with individuals who experience a variety of stressors and points of inquiry, including but not limited to:

  • Significant life transitions
  • Anxiety and Depression 
  • Relationships, communication, and intimacy 
  • Identity development and transformation 
  • Lifestyle and career development 
  • Trauma 
  • Childhood wounding and attachment trauma
  • Prolonged physical discomfort, coping with illness
  • Grief and loss 
  • Disconnect between mind and body/coming into right relationship with self and the body 
  • Parent coaching and perinatal support

Rachael will work with you through these concerns to support  development of:

  • a stronger understanding and relationship with your body
  • emotional and nervous system regulation
  • trauma resolution and sequencing 
  • skills, resources, and strategies for prolonged care and stability
  • relationship skills and boundary development
  • self care practices, internal and external resources


“Noah is a wonderful acupuncturist. He truly listens to me and my body and then chooses an effective treatment. I have seen him with ailments ranging from the common cold, allergies, hip pain, sleep trouble, and labor induction. He is a dynamic practitioner, able to help with this wide range of issues.”
— B.W.
“Working with Rachael helped me reach a new level of self-compassion that profoundly changed the way I view healing - emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Having suffered from chronic disease for 10 years, Rachael was the answer for me to finally find a comfortable place in my own body. After working with her I realize that the somatic component of healing is what was missing for me. I had always viewed my body as an enemy, but through our work together I discovered the abundance of healing in the breath, movement (even subtle!), and body-centered mindfulness. I now walk in the world with tools that help me manage stress, fear, pain, and sadness. Rachael’s inviting, supportive, and incredibly present energy allowed me to feel comfortable addressing painful topics that have been difficult for me, but that I knew needed to be addressed in order to thrive in my physical, emotional, and relational health. Her style is so validating, real, and positive that I was reminded to celebrate life, even in relation to the most pain-provoking work. I can honestly say that I found more peace and self-empowerment on my healing journey in 9 months of working with Rachael than in multiple years of non-somatic therapy. Thank you, Rachael! I cannot recommend your services enough.”
— L.E.